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Similar to Animefeet, this wiki page contains a collection of a anime/cartoon character foot wearing a shoe scenes from both anime and cartoon series. This wiki page started to operate last September 2014 and so far, more than 1000 articles had been created in here (as of 2018). You are welcome to contribute here in this Wiki, by creating your own user account or just by logging in if you already had an account. But remember, once you've log-in, here you must abide by our rules and regulations here in this wiki.

Important rules to know and follow before contributing to Animeshoes Wiki

  • Uploading a shoe scene in reality, and uploading a character with their identity/head/face is not acceptable (you must cropped the head first), as this page mainly focuses on a cartoon/anime characters shoes only. When uploading an image on the Wikia, make sure the image doesn't have the character's identity/head/face, and that it is cropped so that it focues on the shoes and/or body only.
  • If you wish to add Sandal images, ask BeastBoyRules52 / IG-80 for his approval first. He is the creator of this Wikia and is suspicious of sandal images being on the wikia due to toenail exposure (though he allowed some with toenail exposure to be on the wikia, including Nami from One Piece and the characters of Naruto). So ask him first for his approval BEFORE uploading them to the wikia.
  • No drama or yelling in the comments, and ABSOLUTELY NO arguing with BeastBoyRules52 or any other Admin on this Wikia. You DO NOT want to see or meet BeastBoyRules52's dark side.

Failure to follow these rules will result in an immediate ban for 1 - 5 months, 1 year, or, even worse, infinitely. So make sure you follow the rules!

About Anime Shoe Scene Wiki 

This Wikia site focuses on a character in their different shoe designs in different shows and their genders. Just like Anime Foot Scene Wiki, this page also focuses on a feet of a character too, but this time wearing their shoes throughout the series. Although most of these articles really focuses on a female characters, you may also welcome to add any Male characters here in this page. Again welcome to Anime Shoe Scene Wiki.

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