Bessie Higgenbottom's Shoes as seen in Hive Jacked.

Bessie Higgenbottom is the main character of The Mighty B.

So Happy TogetherEdit

Bee My BabyEdit

Bee AfraidEdit

Hive JackedEdit

Woodward And BeestingEdit

To Bee Or Not To BeeEdit

Eye Of The HoneybeeEdit


Portrait Of A HappyEdit

O Say Can Bess SeeEdit


What's The Frequency BessieEdit

Bee NiceEdit

Dirty HappyEdit

Tour D'AlcatrazEdit

Bad To The BeeEdit

Hive Of DarknessEdit

Dogcatcher In The RyeEdit

C'Mon Get HappyEdit


Grumpy Old BeesEdit

Public EnembeeEdit

My Way Or The Bee WayEdit

Gorillas In The MistEdit

O Brother What Art ThouEdit

Stuffed ThingsEdit

Space EvadersEdit


Bang The Drum TimelyEdit

The League Of Ordinary GentlemenEdit

Irratible BowlingEdit


Hairy SituationEdit


Mr. Turtleton's Wild RideEdit

A Pirate's Life For BeeEdit

Unknown EpisodesEdit

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