Blythe Baxter is the main character of the 2012 Littlest Pet Shop series.


Blyhte's Adventure Part 2Edit

Mean Isn't Your ColorEdit

<more coming soon>

Russell Up Some FunEdit

<more coming soon>

Eve Of DestructionEdit

Sweet Truck RideEdit

Terriers And TiarasEdit


Missing BlytheEdit

Eight Arms To Hold YouEdit

<more coming soon>

A Day At The MuseumEdit

<more coming soon>

So InterestingEdit

<more coming soon>

Standup StinkerEdit

<more coming soon>

The Expo Factor - Part 2Edit

What's So Scary About The Jungle? Everything!Edit

Its The Pet Fest Part 1Edit

Its The Pet Fest Part 2Edit

The Tortoise And The HeirEdit

Pitch PurrfectEdit

Ivan The TerrificEdit

Senior DayEdit

Littlest Pet Shop Of HorrorsEdit

Game Of GroansEdit

The Tiniest Animal StoreEdit



Pump Up The PandaEdit


Guilt TrippingEdit



Two Peas In A PodcastEdit

Go Figure!Edit

A Doggie BiskitEdit

It's A Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy WorldEdit

Race Team: ButtercreamEdit

On The Same PageEdit

Paint A Picture, It Lasts LongerEdit

Bake It Til You Make ItEdit

LPS: The MoosicalEdit

Seeing RedEdit

Littlest Pet Street Part 1Edit

Littlest Pet Street Part 2Edit

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