Candace Flynn is one of the main characters of Phineas and Ferb. She is the older sister of Phineas Flynn and the adoptive sibling of Ferb Fletcher.


Season 1Edit

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Episode 5: Lights Candace ActionEdit

Episode 46: Unfair Science FairEdit

Season 2Edit

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Episode 2: Interview With A PlatypusEdit

Episode 3: Tip Of The DayEdit

Episode 6: Day Of The Living GeletinEdit

Episode 8: Don't Even BlinkEdit

Episode 12: The Chronicles Of MeapEdit

Episode 16: At The Car WashEdit

Episode 17: Oh There You Are PerryEdit

Episode 19: Hide And SeekEdit

Episode 23: No More Bunny BusinessEdit

Episode 26: Phineas And Ferb's Musical Cliptastic Countdown!Edit

Episode 27: Bubble BoysEdit

Episode 30: Fireside Girl JamboreeEdit

Episode 38: Just Passing ThroughEdit

Episode 40: I Was A Middle Aged RobotEdit

Episode 45: Ain't No Kiddie RideEdit

Episode 46: Not Phineas And FerbEdit

Episode 47: Phineas And Ferb-BustersEdit

Episode 48: The Lizard WhispererEdit

Episode 52: The Lemonade StandEdit

Episode 54: Summer Belongs To You!Edit

Episode 56: Wizard Of OddEdit

Episode 57: We Call It MazeEdit

Episode 59: The Secret Of SuccessEdit

Episode 63: Rollercoaster The MusicalEdit

Episode 64: Make PlayEdit

Season 3Edit

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Episode 2: CanderemyEdit

Episode 4: Last Train To BustvilleEdit

Episode 5: Phineas' Birthday Clip-O-Rama!Edit

Episode 8: Ask A Foolish QuestionEdit

Episode 9: Misperceived MonotremeEdit

Episode 10: Candace DisconnectedEdit

Episode 11: Magic Carpet RideEdit

Episode 14: Phineas And Ferb InterruptedEdit

Episode 15: A Real BoyEdit

Episode 19: Skiddley WhiffersEdit

Episode 20: My Fair GoalieEdit

Episode 21: Bullseye!Edit

Episode 23: The Curse Of CandaceEdit

Episode 25: Lotsa LakesEdit

Episode 31: Phineas And Ferb And The Temple Of JuatchadoonEdit

Episode 32: Monster From The IDEdit

Season 4Edit

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