D.W. is one of the main characters of Arthur.

D.W. The Copycat

D.W.'s Baby

Arthur's Lost Dog

So Long Spanky

DW Flips

DW Rides Again

Arthur's Almost Boring Day

The Half-Baked Sale

The Perfect Brother

D.W.'s Snow Mystery

D.W. Gets Lost

D.W. Thinks Big

D.W.'s Blankie

D.W. The Picky Eater

Go To Your Room D.W.

Buster Baxter, Cat Saver

D.W. Goes To Washington

D.W.'s Deer Friend

Arthur's Knee

Grandma Thora Appreciation Day

D.W. Blows The Whistle

D.W.'s Very Bad Mood

D.W.'s Name Game

All Fired Up

I'd Rather Read It Myself

The Chips Are Down

Revenge Of The Chips

Arthur's Treasure Hunt

Attack Of The Turbo Tibbles

DW Tricks The Tooth Fairy

Double Tibble Trouble

Clarissa Is Cracked

Mom And Dad Have A Great Big Fight

DW's Perfect Wish

Arthur And DW Clean Up

Prunella's Prediction

D.W.'s Library Card

Prove It

DW Tale Spins

The Last Of Mary Moo Cow

The Big Dig

Arthur's Family Feud

The Secret Life Of Dogs And Babies


For Whom The Bells Toll

Cast Away

The Great Sock Mystery

DW's Time Trouble

Is There A Doctor In The House

Return Of The Snowball

DW Dancing Queen

Postcards From Buster

Kiss And Tell

My Fair Tommy

DW Beats All

Happy Anniversary

The Secret About Secrets

DW Aims High

DW Bossy Boots

Operation DW

DW On Ice

Never Never Never

DW's Stray Kitten

DW's Furry Freakout

The Great MacGrady

DW Queen Of The Comebacks

In My Africa

Best Enemies

Based On A True Story

All About DW


Baby Steps

Night Of The Tibble

Read And Flumberghast

Adventures In Budylon

Pets And Pests

The Tattletale Frog

DW And Bud's Higher Purpose

The Substitute Arthur

Tibbles To The Rescue


Waiting For Snow

Family Fortune

Brain's Brain

Arthur Toy Trouble

The Last Day


He Said He Said

Bunny Trouble

The Princess Problem

Invasion Of The Soccer Fans