Gertie Growlerstein is one of Henry's close friends of the series Henry Hugglemonster.

She is a very smart young monster that likes things to run like clockwork. Literally.

She always wears a watch and is very conscious of the time. She's never late, and she plans her day according to a strict schedule. Sometimes she gets so wrapped up in the timing of things that Henry has to remind her to relax and take it easy.

Gertie loves to play huggleball with Denzel, Henry and Estelle and she really likes to win.

She also lives with her parents, Joyce and Gregor Growlerstein, who runs the Roarsville news stand. She also has a baby brother called Milo (who looks up to Henry) and a monsterpet bird called Sneezo.


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Season 1Edit

Episode 4b (Megabouncers)Edit

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