Isabella Garcia-Shapiro's shoes.

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro is the love interest of Phineas Flynn in the series Phineas and Ferb. She is also one of the member of Fireside Girls.

Season 1Edit

<under construction (date 07/16/16)>

Season 2Edit

Episode 27: Bubble BoysEdit

Episode 28: Isabella And The Temple Of SapEdit

Episode 38: Just Passing ThroughEdit

Episode 42: Undercover CarlEdit

Episode 45: Ain't No Kiddie RideEdit

Episode 47: Phineas And Ferb-BustersEdit

Episode 54: Summer Belongs To You!Edit

Episode 57: We Call It MazeEdit

Episode 63: Rollercoaster The MusicalEdit

Season 3Edit

<under construction>

Episode 11: Magic Carpet RideEdit

Episode 14: Phineas And Ferb InterruptedEdit

Episode 18: Tour De FerbEdit

Episode 27: A Phineas And Ferb Family ChristmasEdit

Episode 31: Phineas And Ferb And The Temple of JuatchadoonEdit

Season 4Edit

<under construction>


<under construction>

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