Jenny Wakeman's Boots as seen in Victim Of Fashion.

Jenny Wakeman
 (aka Global Robotic Response Unit XJ-9) is the main character from My Life As A Teenage Robot.


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Episode 1a: It Came From Next Door

Episode 1b: Pest Control

Episode 2a: Raggedy Android

Episode 2b: Class Action

Episode 3a: Attack Of The 5 1/2 Ft. Geek

Episode 3b: Doom With A View

Episode 4a: Ear No Evil

Episode 4b: Unlicensed Flying Object

Episode 5a: Party Machine

Episode 5b: Speak No Evil

Episode 6a: See No Evil

Episode 6b: The Great Unwashed

Episode 7a: The Return Of Raggedy Android

Episode 7b: The Boy Who Cried Robot

Episode 8a: Sibling Tsunami

Episode 8b: I Was A Preschool Dropout

Episode 9a: Hostile Makeover

Episode 9b: Grid Iron Glory

Episode 10a: Dressed To Kill

Episode 10b: Shell Game

Episode 11a: Daydream Believer

Episode 11b: This Time With Feeling

Episode 12a: Saved By The Shell

Episode 12b: Tradeshow Showdown

Episode 13a: The Wonderful World Of Wizzly

Episode 13b: Call Hating