Ken Ichijouji is a former Digimon Emperor/Kaiser (in other words former antagonist), and is now one of the 6 DigiDestined of the animated series Digimon Adventure 02. He was partnered with Wormmon and also he is the one who carries the Crest of Kindness.

When he is the Digimon Emperor, he is careless, rude, arrogant, reckless, dangerous, and a bad person. However he is very smart and good at soccer too just like Davis/Daisuke. But when the time he was return to his normal self, he is kind, gentle, and a friendly but sometimes a shy person. He forces not to befriend Davis and the others despite on what he have done to them and to the Digimon. But after Davis pursuits him many times, he finally learned to befriend and trust them.


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