For Digimon Tamers character, see Kenta Kitagawa

Kenta Yumiya is one of the protagonists of the anime series Beyblade Metal Saga.

He is one of Gingka Hagane's best friends and goes to many lengths to try and support and help him. He is also friends with Madoka Amano, Benkei Hanawa, Yu Tendo, Tsubasa Otori, Kyoya Tategami, and Ryuga. Kenta was formerly the owner of Flame Sagittario C145S and presently owns Flash Sagittario 230WD.

Earlier, Kenta was very poorly skilled in battle, however, as the series progressed, he gained confidence and become a very strong and competent Blader. Through his continous hard work, he even earned the respect of the legendary blader, Ryuga, who gave him his legendary spirit allowing his bey to evolve.

In Shogun Steel, he is shown to be the new owner of B-Pit.


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