Lloyd P. Nebulon is a Verdigrian boy and the main protagonist of Lloyd In Space.

Lloyd is the typical teenager who has trouble fitting in. His low-self esteem comes from his telekinetic little sister who is constantly embarrassing him, his nagging, overprotective mother, and all the popular bullies at Luna Vista Middle school who harass him day to day. Despite his somewhat crummy life Lloyd is quite kind and caring even to complete strangers who are in need of help. Lloyd has also been shown to be very brave in the face of danger and always puts his friends and family before him in these situations. Sometimes, Lloyd takes advice from his friends and they get him into a bigger problem or grounded. Lloyd complains 24/7 and can also be mean (he even admitted this once). He is also known to have a bad temper. But at the end, he always learns his lesson .

Around his three bests friends, Eddie, Kurt, and Douglas, Lloyd seems to be more confident and laid back (and sometimes quite cocky). This could mean that Lloyd is only shy around those he isn't really friendly with but can warm up to them over time.

He is also the son of Commander Nebulon and the big brother of Francine.


Season 1

Episode 1 (The Big 1-3)

Episode 2 (The Big Date)

Episode 3 (The Science Project)