Louise Belcher is one of the main characters of Bob's Burgers.


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Episode 3: Sacred Cow

In Sacred Cow, a closeup of both Louise and Tina's shoes are shown when they see a feces smiley emoticon made by Moolissa. Later that episode, another closeup of Louise's shoes are shown when she is tiptoeing out of the restaurant.

Episode 13: Torpedo

In Torpedo, when Louise tells Gene that he needs a switchblade taped to his shoe, the camera pans down to her shoes.


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Episode 1: The Belches

In The Belchies, several closeups of her shoes are shown: One when she lays down the treasure map, another when she is about to trip on a wire, and another when she stands on Taffy.


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Episode 15: The Kids Rob A Train

In The Kids Rob A Train, a closeup of her shoes, though half-covered in dirt, are shown when she and the other kids get back on the train.


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Episode 3: Friends With Burger-Fits

In Friends With Burger-Fits, during the Ice Wrestling side-story, a closeup of her Ice Wrestling Boots are shown when she gets pushed back by her competitor.


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Episode 3: The Haunting

In The Hauntening, a closeup of her shoes are shown when Linda is trying to scare her.


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Episode 19: Thelma & Louise Except Thelma Is Linda

In Thelma & Louise Except Thelma Is Linda, a closeup of her shoes are shown when she is trying to get back into Detention to avoid getting caught by Mr. Frond. Her shoes are also seen when she is trying to escape Mr. Frond at the boardwalk.

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