Pearl is one of the main characters of Steven Universe.


Season 1Edit

<under construction>

Episode 1: Gem GlowEdit

Episode 12: Giant WomanEdit

Episode 13: So Many BirthdaysEdit

Episode 20: Coach StevenEdit

Episode 24: An Indirect KissEdit

Episode 45: Rose's ScabbardEdit

Season 2Edit

<under construction>

Episode 6: Sworn To The SwordEdit

Episode 11: Cry For HelpEdit

Season 3Edit

<under construction>

Episode 8: Mr. GregEdit

Episode 17: Gem HuntEdit

Season 4Edit

<under construction>

Episode 6: Last One Out of Beach CityEdit


2014 ComicEdit

Issue 1Edit

Issue 3Edit

Steven Universe and the Crystal GemsEdit


Vectors & Fan ArtEdit

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