Ruki Makino (also known in English dub as Rika Nonaka) is known to be the The Tamer Queen and also a DigiDestined of the series Digimon Tamers.

She has a rude, unfriendly, hates everyone, and has a harsh behavior at first, but after getting close with Takato and Henry, she learns to smile and befriend them. She also hates Kazu (a little bit, due to his proud attitudes), and most importantly her long lost rival Ryo (who claimed himself as The Tamer King, but most probably her secret love interest). She is also partnered with Renamon, and most probably the one who looks after Jeri, since she also teaches her some points on using Digimon cards.


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Episode 1: Guilmon Comes Alive

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Episode 28: Blame It On Ryo