Princess Sally Alicia Acorn (or Sally/Sal as she is called) is one of the main characters of Sonic The Hedgehog.


Sonic BoomEdit

Sonic And SallyEdit

Ultra SonicEdit

Sonic And The Secret ScrollsEdit

Super SonicEdit

Sonic RacerEdit

Hooked On SonicsEdit

Harmonic SonicEdit

Sonic's NightmareEdit

Warp SonicEdit


Sonic Past CoolEdit

Game GuyEdit

Sonic ConversionEdit

No BrainerEdit

Blast To The Past Part 1Edit

Blast To The Past Part 2Edit

Fed Up With AntoineEdit


The VoidEdit

The Odd CoupleEdit

Cry Of The WolfEdit

Drood HengeEdit


The Doomsday ProjectEdit

Comics / OtherEdit

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