Wilt Michaels is one of the imaginary friends and the most kind and helpful friend of Mac, Bloo, Coco, Eduardo, and Frankie in the series Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Among the imaginary friends, he is the tallest and the most athletic in the team (not to mention he loves basketball so much). He was created by Jordan Michaels (also now a superstar basketball player) on September 20, 1975. He had a bad accident from a basketball game just to save his creator from the past, reason enough that he looks kind of broken now (defective eyes, and missing a left arm). But despite of that, he is still willing to help others whenever they need him.


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Season 1

Episode 1-3 (House Of Bloo's)

Season 2

Episode 3b (Everyone Knows It's Bendy)

The Big Lablooski

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